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99 WALKS introduces JETTI FITNESS. Meet Jetti Poles – the world’s first fitness poles

Jetti Poles, the world’s first fitness poles designed to transform walking into a full body workout, are now available and make fitness fun, fast, affordable and accessible.

For thousands of years, humans have known the value of walking with poles. They provide stability, lower perceived exertion, increase calorie expenditure and ease stress on joints. Jetti Poles accomplish all of this and much more. Their unique, patent-pending design adds subtle resistance and facilitates the execution of a variety of exercises, from walking lunges to overhead presses, enabling users to take their full-body workout on the road, to the park or down the trail.

More than a dozen highly-effective exercises are integrated with Jetti Walking in a series of exclusive audio classes available in the 99 Walks app. Classes include indoor and outdoor options led by four Jetti-certified coaches.

Weighing in at just over one pound each, Jetti Poles boast unique and patent pending features including middle grips, end grips, equal weight distribution and a unique foot suitable for roads and trails.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of women get fitter through walking with our social fitness app, 99 Walks,” says Co-founder and CEO Joyce Shulman. When our members asked us for a way to level up their walking practice, we knew they didn’t want to risk injury by running, or ‘feel the burn’ in a crowded boot camp. They wanted more of the incredible benefits of walking…kicked up a notch. After two years of development, Jetti Poles were born.

Jetti Poles are a functional, multi-purpose solution that delivers a myriad of benefits.

And, Joyce adds, Jetti Walking is really, really fun.

Strength is gained through “time under tension.” Simply put, the more time spent with resistance, the more strength is created. At one kilo (2.2 lbs) per pair, Jetti Poles weigh about the same as a jar of peanut butter, and provide consistent tension during a walk.

Jetti Poles are precisely designed with custom high-quality materials, manufactured entirely in the USA and suitable for both the casual and avid walker. Users can hold them like trekking poles and walk, use them for stability when performing movements like squats and lunges, or carry them by the middle grips to perform bicep curls, shoulder presses and much more.

Jetti Poles have the power to transform people’s walking practice and their life.

Trekking poles simply aren’t designed to maximize the potential for fitness that come from walking. They sound so obvious, but there was nothing like them in the marketplace, says Co-founder Eric Cohen. So we created them.

Jetti Poles are available for purchase at 99walks.fit/jetti for $59.95/pair including free shipping and a one-month membership to 99 Walks.


Jetti Fitness is a division of 99 Walks on a mission to bring affordable, accessible fitness products to those who have been long-neglected by the traditional fitness industry.


99 Walks is an inspirational wellness movement designed for women who seek connection, community, and support to get moving. Through monthly challenges, daily classes and motivational podcasts, participants receive a holistically healthy experience for the mind, body, and spirit while connecting with other women. www.99walks.fit

For more information, please contact Joyce Shulman at [email protected]

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