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Fireside chat with Habib Ferdous

Who is Habib?

I am a passionate, curious and ambitious person. By education I am an accountant, but by passion I am a technology developer. I love to build new ideas and concepts that could bring positive changes in society. Currently, I am working on blockchain based platforms that aim to maximize sales, maximize profits, and improve user experience through proper utilization of the technology.

Tell us more about your role in CoreiBytes Codetech, Inc.

Curiosity is everything. I always say curiosity made us humans and curiosity will save us humans as well. I am known as the Chief Curiosity Officer (CCO) of Coreibytes; my main job is to keep my team curious and engaged in new projects.

What is the most difficult part of your job? But the most rewarding one?

I’d say that one great reward of my job is when I hear about a great idea from a very passionate client, that makes my day. The most difficult part of my job is to analyze the idea and find out if it will actually be successful in the real world.

Is there anything that you would change about your professional path?

I cannot be cornered into a box, but my focus is research, communication, and problem solving. Whatever I do, I always give it my best and try to innovate along the way.

What’s your key strategy for the development of your company?

Most of the time building a business requires you to understand where you fit in. It is difficult to pin point only one strategy; it is always a combination of many. For Coreibytes, our main focus has been identifying the right concepts and bringing them to life, and finding the right people who can do that.

What do you think about the next period of time, keeping in mind the pandemic and the new business climate? How will your industry be affected?

The pandemic is undeniably a once-in-a-lifetime kind of scenario, but for the first time ever, I believe this is the time to float, not swim. Also good time to learn, and build.

Please name a few technologies which have the greatest impact on your business

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Touchscreen and Infinity Display, Social Networking, Blockchain, Decentralized Finance.

What books do you have on your nightstand?

I would love to read but as I don’t have much spare time, sometimes it feels like such an indulgence. If you want to learn anything you can find everything online in less than 10 minutes. Some things will require more research and that’s where books come in handy.

It doesn’t mean I don’t read, I read a lot when I am researching certain topic to develop something. In some cases I familiarize myself with a new concept/topic by non-stop reading, researching, implementing; sometimes 16-18hours a day then get to work and figure it out by doing.

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